Leading Edge – May Edition 2017: Leadership Outlook

Recap of the 2017 Leadership Outlook Series: High Performing Teams

If you were one of the Members who attended the recent Leadership Outlook workshop on the topic of high performing teams you were one of 840 participants around the country!

At all 17 of the events, participants shared war stories of poor performing teams and success stories of high performing teams. Thank you to everyone who shared their intimate experiences of the good, the bad and the ugly of teams.

We have combined the national feedback from the activities and created some word clouds so you can see how teams feel when times are good, and when times are tough. The activity really showed how visceral these experiences are – and what an impact they have on yourself, your work, your home and your community.

AIM’s vision is now clearer than ever. Creating better managers and leaders for a better society. Never has the impact of strong or poor leadership been more evident.

We figure that since we engaged with 840 participants, and let’s say each of those participants leads on average 6 people, we have potentially had an impact on over 5,000 Australians. But have we? And if we have, why stop there?

If you attended the workshops, did you ask yourself the ‘tough’ questions about your leadership style? And did you check in with your team about their engagement levels and pressure test your leadership scorecard with the six team levers.

But what’s next? AIM would like to follow through and have a REAL and lasting impact on building high performing teams.

We would like your input to understand what would help you move towards a high performing team and to increase your leadership capability in this area. What else you would like to see to take your team to the next level? Help us shape the next steps for ‘high performing teams’ and tell us what your appetite is for more on this topic, take the survey and have your say today!

Also, if you or anyone you know of have ‘had the tough conversations’ since the workshops and started to work with their teams on moving towards a high performing team using the frameworks and tools provided – we would love to hear your stories. Please get in touch with us via paris.franke@aim.com.au

Thank you, Phil Crenigan FAIM, for facilitating these workshops. Phil shared his knowledge and tools, and facilitated frank and intimate discussions about where the team landscape is at in the management and leadership community.