Introducing Dr Hannah Critchlow

“One of Cambridge University’s most inspirational and successful women in science”

Dr Hannah Critchlow is obsessed with all things brainy.

An internationally-acclaimed neuroscientist with a background in neuropsychiatry, she is best known as the presenter of BBC’s Tomorrow’s World Live as well as for her work demystifying the human brain on regular radio, TV and festival platforms.

Hannah’s work in science communication saw her named as a Top 100 UK scientist by the Science Council in 2014 and one of Cambridge University’s most ‘inspirational and successful women in science’ in 2013. During her PhD she was awarded a Cambridge University Fellowship and as an undergraduate received three University Prizes as Best Biologist.

Some of the topics Hannah will explore are:

  • How do our minds operate?
  • How does our unique perception of the world shape our decision-making?
  • How do fear and stress affect our behaviour?
  • How can neuroscience knowledge help promote creativity and problem-solving?
  • What can we do to refine our focus and attention?
  • We’ll be answering these questions and more during the sessions


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