Recorded Webinar: Disruption! It’s personal



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27/02/2018 12:00 pm to 30/06/2020 1:00 pm

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Following the success of Abby’s TEL Talk in Canberra, the Institute is bringing the topic of professional disruption national with a live webinar!

Do you want to understand the key to disruptive leadership? Are you interested in propelling your own career forward, increasing innovation on a personal and team level and shaking up the habitual thinking of those around you?

In her talk on Professional Disruption, Abby challenges us to see beyond the veneer of what it means to be a ‘professional’ at whatever career stage we are in and to question the components that make up our own professional identity.

How often do we stop and consider how our own professional conduct and ‘persona’ upholds organisational status quo? Disruption, organisational and in leadership, begins with checking in with the thinking habits, behavioural patterns and the beliefs we hold about what is ok and not ok in the workplace.

Consider the following:

Have you ever experienced a moment where you had an idea, question or comment, but stifled it because you weren’t sure how the others in your presence would respond?

Have you had someone come to you and add a point after a meeting that they wouldn’t bring up during it? Maybe you have been that person…

Have you ever wondered why similar types of decisions get made and seem to get made again and again?

Have you ever seen someone enter an organisation bringing new ideas and thinking styles, only to see them maintaining the status quo and conforming to ‘what we do around here’ in a matter of months?

Then you have seen first-hand organisational culture at play. But organisational culture can only exist if each individual is complicit in allowing it to continue. Disrupting our own professional choices is the key to creating gentle but tangible waves to enhance authenticity, creative thinking and innovation in our workplaces.

Abby posits that ‘disruptions starts at home’ when we can positively and gently challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and show up and be seen.


*Please note this is a recorded session.

Abby Rees a self-confessed ‘education junkie’; University Lecturer; Education and Empowerment Writer; Behaviour, Change and Emotional Intelligence Specialist; Executive Meta-Coach; and artistic thinker.

Abby’s motto is ‘energy, excellence and tenacity’ and she embodies those traits in all that she does.

With approaching twenty years in the behaviour change industry, Abby has extensive experience across a range of industry groups, community organisations and government sectors, including Local, State and Federal. Abby’s field of expertise includes creating dynamic designs for education and change, emotional intelligence, effective communications , relationship management, conscious leadership and critical reasoning and strategic thinking.

Thriving on new challenges to design for education and change, Abby lives and breathes her design projects, providing her clients with a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled. Abby has a lively personal presence, strong interpersonal skills and uses a wide range of innovative and inventive techniques.  With rich experience in facilitating diverse groups, Abby has delivered a range of corporate training and developed education, change and communication tools to meet individual needs. With a history of career excellence, Abby’s credentials make her a powerful change agent.


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