TEL Talk – Leadership and Making Decisions


Brisbane City

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20/07/2017 - 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Join us for a TEL event focused on the challenges and complexities of making decisions as a leader. Our guest speakers will share three very different perspectives on decision making in the workplace. The format will be short, sharp and impactful to expose you to new ways of thinking and help you stay ahead of the curve as an effective leader.


Michelle Gibbings FAIM

Founder and Managing Director – Change Meridian

As a recognised expert in organisational complexity and Author of ‘Step Up – How to Build your influence at Work’, Michelle’s work lives at the crux of understanding, architecting and leveraging change.

Michelle is focused on enabling a new breed of leaders – one that is fit for the future of work. She has built a distinguished reputation across the Asia-Pacific region as the keynote speaker, advisor and executive mentor of choice for many leading edge corporates and global organsiations.

She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Fellow of FINSIA and the Australian Institute of Management.

William Pegg AIMM

Director and Founder – Synthesis Group Pty Ltd

William is an entrepreneur, a business author and the Director and Founder of Synthesis Group. He specialises in working with executive management of mid-market companies for greater profit and growth by creating a better performing supply base.

William’s studied environmental sciences in Sydney and graduated when these jobs were just not popular – so he shifted to business. His business roots were in multinational FMCG, manufacturing and service firms. There he worked in supply chain, moved into finance and now helps mid-market companies implement fit-for-purpose best practice, adapted from the leading Tier 1 organisations.

A passionate educator, William writes, speaks, advises and comments on profit and growth strategies for business.

Dr John Hinwood FAIM

Founder and Director – Stress Management Institute and Stress to Strength

Dr John Hinwood is a global leader in Stress Management. He founded the Stress Management Institute (SMI) and Stress to Strength (STS) in early 2013 with his business and life partner Dr Judy Hinwood. His expertise in stress management, emotional resilience and wellness was initially developed during his 17 years as a highly successful practicing chiropractor. He moved into a management role for 20 years as a consultant, coach and mentor to primary and allied healthcare practitioners beginning in Australia and then expanding to eleven overseas countries.

Both SMI and STS are committed to helping people deal with the rigors of modern life, both in their private lives and their careers. SMI provides fully accredited VET tertiary studies and qualifications for Stress Management Practitioners, and Stress Management Facilitators. SMI trains practitioners at a Cert IV level and facilitators for a career that supports individuals in their business and personal lives, in order to manage their stress and transform it into a source of strength by developing emotional resilience skills.  The quest is to continue to reach a global audience, to bring clear and purposeful calm, and to support businesses to increase their productivity and profit.

John delivers key-note presentations and tailored training for individuals, business, education, associations and organisations. SMI’s clients are CEOs, corporate executives, business owners, managers, and the everyday workforce.

His audiences soon discover that they can easily shift to a heightened state of wellbeing and break free from the stress that is holding them back, as they easily develop emotional resilience tools and strategies. As former long term President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, John creates a bridge to make scientific, evidence based information easy to understand and apply into daily life.


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