TEL Talk: Leading with Resilience


Mountain Creek

date & time

21/09/2017 - 7:00 am to 9:00 am

Join us for a TEL event focused on the challenges and complexities of resilience as a leader. Over breakfast, our guest speakers will share three very different perspectives on leading with resilience in the workplace followed by a Q&A panel. The format will be short, sharp and impactful to expose you to new ways of thinking and help you stay ahead of the curve as an effective leader.

Rachael Bermingham

Topic – Personalised Core Resilience

Rachael will share her insights into how you and your business can thrive within and outside your business to increase productivity, profits and work/life satisfaction.

Rachael Bermingham is one of the countries most successful authors having written 10 bestselling books including Savvy, 4 Ingredients, How to Write Your Book and How to Market Your Book with sales in excess of the 6 million dollar mark.  A born entrepreneur, incredible leading role model and successful business women Rachael is currently one of the highest self-published female authors in Australia.  Her specialty is building businesses from nothing to something.  Rachael has spoken at many events and has established herself as one of Australia’s most inspiring keynote speakers sharing the stage with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Denise Scott, Michelle Bridges and many more. She’s a positive, upbeat, energetic, authentic and down to earth woman who lives and breathes what she teaches.




Caroline Stareky

Topic – Resilience and Innovation

Come and discover how resilience can lead to innovation! Demystify how to develop an innovative organisation by developing resilient leaders; leaders who keep fighting through each setback, remain positive and learn from each failure while keeping their teams moving forward. Innovation is all about creating new processes, products or services and success is not always guaranteed. Therefore, in today’s fast-paced continuously evolving industries, organisations need to develop resiliency as a core leadership skill to lead the change and proactively learn as well as adapt in order to achieve innovation goals!

As Head of Innovation & Strategy at Khemistry, Caroline Starecky has cultivated brands and developed impactful strategies in North America and Australia for over two decades. Through her experiences in advertising, strategy, innovation and technology, Caroline has successfully accompanied corporate clients and their executive teams through change management processes both internally and externally. She is a recognised expert in the field of innovation and is recognized for her high energy, motivational and inspirational talks.


Dr John Hinwood

Topic – Building an emotionally resilient mindset

The workplace has become infinitely more complex over the last few years. Mounting expectations have been fuelled by technological innovations, 24/7 work schedules for some and an ever-increasing barrage of information. Building emotional resilience and agility through evidence-based tools and strategies gives mastery over stress.

John is Founder and Director of Stress Management Institute and Stress to Strength; and an expert in emotional resilience and wellness. Committed to helping people deal with the rigors of modern life, both in their private lives and their careers.   His quest is to continue to reach a global audience, to bring clear and purposeful calm, and to support businesses to increase their productivity and profit.

John delivers key-note presentations and tailored training for individuals, business, education, associations and organisations. SMI’s clients are CEOs, corporate executives, business owners, managers, and the everyday workforce.  His audiences soon discover that they can easily shift to a heightened state of wellbeing and break free from the stress that is holding them back, as they easily develop emotional resilience tools and strategies.


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