SYDNEY TEL TALK: How Inspirational Leaders Engage Productivity



date & time

06/08/2019 - 7:30 am to 9:00 am

Inspiring your workforce for greater productivity!

82% of employees see their leaders as fundamentally uninspiring. 70% of the world’s workforce describes itself as disengaged at work. Engaged employees are over 30% more productive than their disengaged counterparts. With statistics like these it is difficult to understand why organisations are not applying greater attention to ensuring their leaders are inspiring!

Join us as Daryl Bates FIML, Co-Founder of Defining Leaders shares his insights and knowledge on inspirational leadership. With extensive experience in the military, broader government, not-for-profit and commercial sectors, Daryl’s comprehension of inspirational leadership, and the qualities that characterise an inspirational leader, is insightful. During
this thought provoking, challenging, entertaining presentation, Daryl will discuss what makes an inspirational leader, the characteristics and traits they possess and how you can inspire your team and business to improve engagement and productivity.

We look forward to seeing you at this not to be missed event!
Ticket price includes: Presentation, finger food & networking drinks

This session will explore IML Management Competencies: 
– Providing leadership across your organisation
– Leading your team and areas of responsibility 

Daryl Bates FIML, Co-Founder & Principle Consultant, Defining Leaders

Daryl Bates has an extensive background in leadership, holding senior role in the military, broader government, not-for-profit and commercial sectors.

In April 2017 he co-founded Defining Leaders where he is Principle Consultant. With the tag-line ‘Inspirational Resilient Leadership’, Defining Leaders’ vision is to create leaders that shape, enable and empower the future for the greater good. Daryl and his team are passionate about leadership, and increasing the effectiveness, productivity and profitability of individuals, teams and enterprises by improving their leadership capability, in practical and pragmatic ways. He provides high quality leadership development opportunities for aspiring, new and experienced leaders.


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