CANBERRA TEL TALK: Effective Communication



date & time

15/08/2019 - 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Communicating with the precision of a fighter pilot and the passion of a poet.

The fundamental techniques for effective communication

To persuade others to action, we need a clear intent, our facts straight and our data ready. But hitting our target with logic is not enough. We need the audience to welcome our message.

Effective communication uses both precision and passion to engage with our audience’s logic and emotion. Learn to communicate like a fighter pilot and a poet from someone who has been both.

This interactive presentation is ideal for anyone who would like to improve their public speaking skills by learning:
• Why we need to connect with both the brain and the heart when talking to others
• How to design any opportunity to communicate so you hit your message with precision
• How to deliver your message so that it sparks the audience’s emotions
• A practical framework for preparing to communicate, suitable for anything from an impromptu face-to-face to a full-length conference presentation
• Ways to put this framework into practice, starting today, to improve your ability to inform, excite and persuade others

Chris Huet AFIML
Helping Leaders Communicate Better | Public Speaking Coach | Keynote Speaker | Poet

Chris is a communications coach with over thirty years of experience in technical and creative communication. He has led a fighter jet squadron, negotiated billion dollar contracts and performed his poetry on stages around the world. In addition to being a fighter pilot, successful consultant and business development manager, Chris is an award-winning spoken word artist and two-time TEDx presenter.



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