Members’ Connect – Bendigo


White Hills

date & time

17/09/2019 - 8:15 am to 9:00 am

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the Bendigo Equine Hospital, juggling the provision of specialist services across the central and northern regions of Victoria?


Join Victorian Equine Group’s Business Manager and Fellow of the Institute, Karen Patterson, on a personal tour of the hospital facilities, followed by a rustic networking experience in the hayshed, whilst hearing Karen’s experience in leading an innovative staff retention program.  And the challenges associated with attracting both a seasonal and portable workforce.


The Victorian Equine Group provides specialist equine veterinary services to performance horses in the racing industry, reproduction services to stud farms and sees many beloved pets too.


Members and Guests are invited to attend – light refreshments will be available, please wear comfortable closed shoes and bring warm clothes- as the networking is located in the hayshed.  Please note not all areas of the facility are paved.


There is no onsite parking, only street car parking at the premises. Please park on Heinz Street allowing plenty of  clearance for horse transports accessing driveways.


Venue Website:

38 Heinz Street, White Hills, Victoria, 3550, Australia

The Victorian Equine Group is a specialist equine veterinary group servicing the needs of clients around Victoria. The Victorian Equine Group purchased the Bendigo Equine Hospital in 2012. The Bendigo Equine Hospital is a specialist surgical and medical facility located opposite the Bendigo Racecourse in Central Victoria. The Victorian Equine Group also operates the Victorian Equine Reproduction Centre south of Shepparton, VERC is specialist reproduction centre set up to facilitate assisted equine reproduction of all kinds.   Parking - Off street parking is available at the venue.