BUNDABERG TEL TALK: The Art of Managing Conflict



date & time

15/10/2019 - 7:00 am to 9:00 am

There are many sources of conflict in the workplace, often existing when disagreements lead to arguments and struggles between people with competing ideas. As managers and leaders, it’s our job to manage these conflicts when they occur, yet more often than not, we cringe at the idea of having these difficult discussions.

Join us in this insightful TEL Talk as we welcome local leader Ammie Cauchi, Ulton’s Human Resource Manager and Laurent Bordes, as they unpack how we can best communicate feedback in a way that decreases the chance of conflict within the workplace.  

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the fight/flight/freeze response and the flow on affect it has on managing conflict within the workplace
  • Insights into positive versus negative messaging when having a difficult discussion
  • Practical tips to best communicate feedback to your team that is direct and honest without triggering a threat response
  • How to navigate managing conflict in a family run business sense
  •  How to practically overcome the nuances of managing conflict and difficult conversations when transitioning from a team mate to team manager


Ammie Cauchi
Human Resource Manager | Ulton

Ammie is a highly skilled and experienced Human Resources Manager with her responsibilities in the areas of recruitment, on-boarding, learning and development, performance management, industrial relations and workplace relations. Ammie is enthusiastic about employee engagement and enjoys researching and implementing strategies to facilitate full business engagement.




Ammie’s qualifications include:

-Graduate Diploma of Business (Management)
-Bachelor of Business (Human Resources Management)
-Member of Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
-DISC ADVANCED® accreditation
-Conflict Coach: Workplace Conflict Resolution (Dispute Resolution Branch, Department of Justice and Attorney-General).

Laurent Bordes
Director at L.C. Consulting

Laurent is an experienced CFO and Business Leader across a broad range of industries, including ASX public listed companies, as well as a range of leading private Australian and international large companies. He is a strong communicator and has a track record of successfully leading multi-disciplinary teams through periods of growth and change. His financial skills and collaborative leadership style have seen him increase employee engagement and productivity.


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