The Qualified Route is a direct path to becoming a Chartered Manager for those who have a minimum Bachelor level qualification in management, leadership or business.

To qualify for this route, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum bachelor level qualification in management, leadership or business.
  • At least 3 years management or leadership experience.
Assessment Fee

Annual Membership Fee Structure

As a Chartered Manager, you must hold Membership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders.
Your Membership level – Member, Associate Fellow or Fellow – is determined based on your management experience.
You will also become a Member of the Chartered Management Institute.
IML Membership Application fee$90
Chartered Member (CMgr MIML)$350 per year
Chartered Associate Fellow (CMgr AFIML)$400 per year
Chartered Fellow (CMgr FIML)$455 per year
CMI Member (MCMI)Included in Chartered Membership fee

What Does Chartered Manager Assessment Involve?

The assessment structure is made up of 4 main components.


Provide evidence to support your eligbility


Undertake an assessment reviewing your practical skills


Undertake an interview with an assessor


Become a Member of IML and CMI
Questions? Find out more on our Chartered Manager FAQ page.