Focused on Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Chartered Manager is awarded on experience, expertise and a commitment to management and leadership.


of Chartered Managers use their designation as proof of experience in leading people and managing change.*

A Different CPD Experience

Excellent management and leadership skills aren’t gained by counting hours and points. The commitment to Continuing Professional Development that Chartered Managers make is based on an evaluative process which considers learning experiences and their impact on their workplace. The IML Member Portal allows Chartered Managers to keep a record of their professional development.

When recording what they’ve done as part of their Continuing Professional Development, Chartered Managers are encouraged to cover four key areas:

  1. Objectives
  2. Planning to achieve this objective
  3. Actions taken
  4. Evaluation of experience

34 Core Competencies

Our Chartered Manager professional development structure is underpinned by the IML Management Competency Framework. This revolves around 34 key competencies for successful management and leadership practice.

What Does Chartered Manager Assessment Involve?

The assessment structure is made up of 4 main components.


Provide evidence to support your eligbility


Undertake an assessment reviewing your practical skills


Undertake an interview with an assessor


Become a Member of IML and CMI

Apply in 3 easy steps:

Questions? Find out more on our Chartered Manager FAQ page.
*Statistics are based on Mapping Management Excellence report (2015) conducted by the Chartered Management Institute.
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