A Tribute to Frank Marchetti

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A Tribute to Frank Marchetti

On behalf of our Membership community, it’s with great respect that the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) pays tribute to a cherished Member, volunteer, advocate and advisor. Frank Marchetti has been remembered as an extraordinary person and a true gentleman whose adventurous zeal took him from travelling around the world, to community events in his hometown of Mackay. Sadly, Frank passed away while attempting to reach the summit of Mt Everest.

Friends remember him as a “larger than life” figure in Mackay, where he was the parade commander for the Anzac Day Dawn Service for many years as well as a dedicated Army reservist. The only time he missed an Anzac Day March was when he was overseas training for his long-held ambition to climb Everest. Frank held a makeshift Anzac Day parade on the mountain to compensate for missing the event in Mackay and he actually phoned in to speak at the dawn service.

Melissa Green (Regional Advisory Committee Chair for Mackay) heard at his memorial service that once when he was at a military ball, he decided to liven up the festivities by letting off an old signal cannon. The police were aware of this but probably others around there weren’t, and at midnight Frank discharged this cannon,” There were car alarms that went off everywhere, and the people who were in the vicinity of Komiatum Barracks weren’t too impressed.

Frank Marchetti was an important part of the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) in Mackay from 2006-2012 and then returned in 2016 to continue his commitment to leadership. Frank was fundamental in branding our institute in the region through his involvement in the then Management of Excellence Awards and since his return, the ALEAs. His energy, drive and enthusiasm were incomparable and were a major contributing factor to the success of the leadership awards in the region for many years. Frank was incredibly passionate about leadership and sharing his wealth of knowledge with others to support their professional and personal development and he will be sorely missed by the RAC in Mackay and Members all over.

We thank Frank for his invaluable contributions over the years enriching our Member community. Frank is survived by his children, Allyce and Brenton, and his wife of 33 years, Sandy.

There will be an event in memory of Frank’s contribution to the Institute.

All profits from the event will be donated to Mackay CQ Rescue which Frank used to dive for and was active in helping raise money for them.

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