Tasmania ALEAs wrap-up

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Tasmania ALEAs wrap-up

Celebrated leaders have been named winners in the Tasmania State Australian Leadership Excellence Awards (ALEAs) in a ceremony held last month at the Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel in Hobart. Amongst those with their achievements celebrated was Mat Rowell, CEO of Relationships Australia Tasmania, who also took out the National Award for Not for Profit Leader of the Year.


Mat Rowell, CEO of Relationships Australia Tasmania | National Winner of the Not For Profit category

This year, 11 Tasmanian leaders were shortlisted as finalists across several categories including Leader/Manager, Owner/Entrepreneur, Not for Profit, and Community Leader, reflecting the diverse professional backgrounds of Tasmanian leadership, from the public sector, to small business, to charity organisations. The four winners of the TAS State ALEAs announced in last night’s ceremony include:


  • Nikki Alvi, House Keeping Manager at Wrest Point Hotel | Leader/Manager category
  • Kirk Pinner MIML, Managing Director at Outside the Square Solutions | Owner/Entrepreneur category
  • Mat Rowell, CEO of Relationships Australia Tasmania | Not For Profit category
  • Robyn Moore, National Patron of Make-A-Wish Australia | Community Leader category


The winner of both the State and National Not For Profit awards for his outstanding leadership as CEO of Relationships Australia Tasmania, Mat Rowell said, “I was trained as a social worker at a pretty young age, and my whole career has been about making a difference. Over the years I’ve had great mentors and leaders who have given me great opportunities, and so I’ve been able to take those opportunities and grow into leadership positions and as I’ve done that I’ve invested into people I work with and become a person who develops other people to become leaders in the community as well.


“I value humility, authenticity and integrity in leadership and this award is very humbling for me as someone who prides themselves on leading people to grow and develop and do great things.”


Winner of the prestigious Manager/Leader award for her leadership excellence as the House Keeping Manager at Wrest Point Hotel, Nikki Alvi said, “This is huge for me. Being a single mum from my late thirties, I’ve had life’s hurdles and a rocky road, but I’ve met some good people on my journey and where I am now I am very content.”

“I don’t believe in looking back, because I think if you’re walking in front and looking back then you’ll only ever fall. The sky is the limit. I don’t believe there are any problems, there are only issues and issues can be resolved.”

The TAS state winners were judged and awarded from a shortlisted group of 11 exceptional local leaders including Stuart Calvert MIML, Business Manager at St Mary’s College, and Edward Gauden, CEO of the Foodbank of Tasmania.

Full list of Australian and Tasmanian Winners click here.

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