Six of the best leadership and management podcasts

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Six of the best leadership and management podcasts

Some of the best content being created today comes in the form of podcasts. In fact, the only problem presented by podcasts is choosing which ones to listen to.


Podcasts are the perfect companion for commutes and other downtime. Entertaining and educational, the best podcasts offer an unbeatable opportunity for busy professionals to engage with experts and deepen their knowledge in their particular area of interest.

Among the following six podcasts are our favourites from the leadership and management world, plus some great recommendations from IML ANZ Members.




Its blurb calls it a series about what it’s really like to start a business. In 2014, podcast producer-turned-CEO Alex Blumberg turned the microphone on himself to document his venture into the world of start-ups. Blumberg wanted to make the leap from editorial to entrepreneurship. His dream was to create a profitable production house of high-end, narrative-driven podcasts. With business partner Matt Lieber, he succeeded. StartUp quickly became one of the world’s most popular podcasts.

The first series related the founding of Blumberg’s business, Gimlet Media. Season two followed the journey of another hopeful start-up, Dating Ring, while a five-part micro-series updated listeners on Gimlet’s progress, offering further insight into running a business and the precarious task of managing success sustainably. The third fascinating season provides a change of pace, telling the stories of many companies united by the need to change to have any chance of success.



Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding are the first to admit that they love business. It’s a passion the Melbourne-based duo has channelled into creating a popular podcast, dubbed Business Addicts.

Both women have backgrounds rich in business experience. Bartley moved on from a varied career in sports management to run her own social media business Impactiv8, while Redding is a life and business strategist who runs the Happiness Hunter.

It’s a “passionate, lively, and authentic” listen, says Kirsten Lees, who hosted AIM’s Insight Edge podcast. Each episode features interesting interviews with specialists from the business world. Highlights include professional speaking tips with Warwick Merry, preparing for tax time with Amanda Newton, and getting the most out of LinkedIn with David Hobson.



Hosted by organisational psychologist and TED sensation Adam Grant, WorkLife offers practical advice on how to tackle life in the workplace. As the author of the groundbreaking books Give and Take and Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Grant continues to take listeners inside the unconventional, exploring how we can all enjoy our day-to-day work just a bit more.

The weekly podcast covers curly topics that include how to become friends with your rivals, thriving in the midst of criticism and networking tips for people who hate this exercise.



TEDTalks is the place to go to engage with ideas. Available as an audio podcast, TEDTalks Business features presentations from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and business people.

Learn more about the mind of serial innovator Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur who founded PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Astro Teller, head of X (the ideas factory formerly Google X) argues the case that unexpected failure is worth celebrating, while Harvard professor Linda Hill talks about the tools you need to unlock creativity.



RTW Nation is a useful resource for anyone who is going back to work after a break for whatever reason – whether it be family reasons or injury. It’s a niche topic, but still interesting to listen to, says Lees. “These issues affect a lot of us at some time or other.”

Host Mark Stipic is a passionate and informed presenter who has worked in the RTW (return-to-work) field since 1997. A self-confessed ‘podcast addict’, Stipic says he wanted to create the first ever podcast about RTW and workers’ comp that is geared towards RTW professionals, filling what he felt was a gap in the market. Issues that are often complex, like OHS, WorkCover, and people management, are presented in an easy-to-understand fashion.



The Insight Edge podcast is created by the Australian Institute of Management. Tailored to its audience of switched-on AIM members, each monthly episode tackles a broad theme related to leadership. Past episodes have examined diversity and inclusion, ethics in business, and risk and leadership. Host Kirsten Lees interviews guests from a fascinating array of backgrounds who share a wealth of expertise in the leadership and management fields.

“We find that it is a great platform to showcase the incredible depth of experience within the Membership to the Membership and to a much broader audience,” says Lees. “And it’s fun. It’s fun to make, it’s fun to listen to and it creates real connections. We’re proud to be part of a thriving podcast community in Australia.”

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