The ‘Leadership Matters’ Campaign

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The ‘Leadership Matters’ Campaign

Australia, it’s time to talk leadership.


With local and international academic studies conducted over the past two decades continually finding a serious lack of leadership competence in Australian workplaces, it’s time Australia had a serious talk about leadership.


The Institute of Managers and Leaders is launching a nationwide ‘Leadership Matters’ campaign to raise awareness about the importance of leadership in the workplace and spotlight its intersection with critical issues of mental health, staff engagement, absenteeism and professional development, amongst others.


With 91% of CEOs citing leadership as the top skill for their organisations[1], but a staggering 83% of employees rating their manager’s leadership skills average or below average[2], the gap between the demand for and current lack of good leadership has drawn a dark shadow over the industry of Australian professionals especially when compared to our international counterparts. Indeed, even amongst Australian employees, an astonishing 75% believe that our workplaces need better managers and leaders[3].


A manager can be the difference between feeling like you’re stuck in a job with no rewards, and being promoted to the head of an organisation you’re passionate about. We need to recognise the influence a manager has in every professional industry, and why it is crucial that we support them in becoming great leaders, because leadership matters – and that’s exactly what the Institute’s campaign is about.


Let’s start the long overdue conversation about leadership. Why is leadership important? What is the mark of a good or a bad manager? How has a manager changed your life? How are you helping create better leaders?


Post your story about leadership in the comment section below or on social media using #LeadershipMatters and let’s talk leadership Australia.



[1] ‘Global CEO Survey’ (2017) by PwC

[2] ‘Middle Managers – Evaluating Australia’s Biggest Management Resource’ (2014) by Monash University and the Australian Institute of Management

[3] ‘Leadership at Work: Do Australian leaders have what it takes?’ (2016) by the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne

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