PROGRAM TYPE: Intentional leadership program

DURATION: 10 weeks intensive followed by coaching at 6 months.

LOCATIONS: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and tailored in-house programs.
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Sydney – Tuesday, 10 March 2020
Melbourne – Thursday, 26 March 2020
Brisbane – Thursday, 12 March 2020

ENROL BY:  10 February 2020

Sydney – Thursday, 18 June 2020
Melbourne –  Thursday, 11 June 2020
Brisbane –  Tuesday, 9 June 2020

ENROL BY:  11 May 2020

2 diagnostic reports
5 full days of facilitated learning
4 x 1:1 coaching sessions
4 months mentoring
3 individual workplace learning projects
1 IML ANZ professional membership
12-month access IML LMS with over 8000 resources to support CPD


Member price = 4, 445
Non-member price = 6, 495

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Accelerate has been designed for managers with 5+ years’ experience who would like to develop their skills and knowledge to better manage work pressures, and influence direction and delivery across the business.
The skills and mindset to become a successful manager.
The tools and techniques to deal with the everyday nuances of the role.
This is a 10-week blended program with 4 months mentoring, 4 leadership coaching sessions (the final session taking place at 6 months) and practical workplace projects.


Leading from the middle puts managers in a unique position of influence inside an organisation. Tasked with the responsibility of implementing strategy across teams, these leaders filter information into their direct reports, upwards to the senior leadership, sideways to other team leaders, and across to external stakeholders and clients.

As the messenger of strategy, these leaders have the widest sphere of influence within the business. They have the strongest impact, the capacity to be a catalyst for change and the power to accelerate people potential and company growth.

IML ANZ’s Accelerate program supports these managers on their intentional leader journey. The program focuses on the core skills to become a confident leader of managers and advances career progression.

Upon completion of the program, you will have the opportunity to be accredited as a Chartered Manager, the highest status that can be achieved as a manager and leader. This unique offering allows you to professionalise your leadership skills through the internationally-recognised professional designation.

Accelerate is a 10-week blended program combining 5 face-to-face development days, 4 leadership coaching sessions and online study,  followed by 4-months of one-on-one mentoring. Most importantly the program is embedded with practical workplace projects relating the learning back to the workplace.

The program is capped at 16 learners for intimate and interactive face-to-face sessions, with more opportunities for individual success.

In each location, the Accelerate program will be facilitated by highly-credentialed management experts who will guide participants using their experience, knowledge and passion for leadership.


Alternating between face-to-face learning days, online study and workplace activities, attendees will participant in eight learning modules.

Module 1 – The Influential Leader – Face-to-Face day 1

The first module introduces you to becoming an influential leader at the centre of a vast network of relationships in the workplace. It will help you recognise your current leadership style, objectives and focus. To map the Accelerate development journey to your experience, your leadership, behavioural and EQ competencies will be measured through IML 360 and Genos analytics tools.

Module 2 – Aligning People and Strategy – Face-to-Face day 2

This module centres on your role as a business leader in delivering and implementing the organisation’s vision, mission, values and standards across your team. This unit will enable you to determine critical business success factors, goals and objectives and to identify key stakeholder relationships critical to advancing organisational outcomes. You will learn to drive business success by managing these relationships.

Module 3 – Adaptive Leadership – Face-to-Face day 3

This module will shape you into a truly adaptive strategic communicator. It will enable you to refine your interactions to generate valuable business insights, boost measure performance outcomes and strengthen workplace relationships. This unit equips you with the communication tools and theories to better engage staff, build cohesive teams and a culture of information exchange.

Module 4 – Attracting and Nurturing Talent – Face-to-Face day 3

Module four focuses on hiring, developing and managing people to stimulate business performance and employee engagement. Highlighting the importance of a comprehensive process for recruitment and selection, talent succession planning and career management, the unit will prepare you to lead build high-performing teams through human resource management.

Module 5 – Leading and Motivating Teams – Face-to-Face day 3

In this module, you will be equipped with key skills to lead teams of managers. This unit will empower you to confidently motivate high performance, manage team conflict, build a strong business culture, encourage long-term commitment and support individual aspirations.

Module 6 – Leading Innovation – Face-to-face day 4

This module delivers insights to help you create a business climate that fosters creativity and innovation in your organisation. It will explore the critical balance of knowledge, imagination and evaluation in the success of innovative proposals, as well as the role of the leader in managing creativity to produce practical outcomes valuable to the organisation.

Module 7 – The Influential Change Leader – Face-to-face day 4

Module seven is all about change, a cornerstone focus area in navigating contemporary business and leadership. The unit will empower you to strategise and implement change guided by analyses of organisational objectives, the external business climate, and future trends. You will develop skills to manage stakeholder relationships during the transition, communicate implementation plans, set up mechanisms to measure financial and cultural outcomes, and manage the impact of change on people.

Module 8 – Focus on Results – Face-to-face day 5

The final module focuses on the impact of your leadership actions and behaviours on performance. You will decide on the key principles and metrics for reporting on current and future results. At the end of the unit, you will create a 3 to 6-month workplace project drawing together the program’s learning outcomes with a focus on yourself, your team and the organisation.

For five assigned days, attendees are required to attend a full-day face-to-face facilitated session — a full day of interactive learning based in the CBD.

Brisbane face-to-face venue:
IML Brisbane
16/40 Creek St
Brisbane City
Queensland 4000 QLD


Melbourne face-to-face venue:
Dialogue Casselden,
Level 5, 2 Lonsdale Street


Sydney face-to-face venue:
Dialogue George Place
Level 2, 345 George Street


Shannon is a leadership and management facilitator known for getting bold results. His refreshing, energetic, and interactive approach has been known to empower employees, thrill customers, and embolden entire organisations. For over a decade, government agencies and companies seeking big impacts have turned to Shannon for insight and inspiration. He has worked with big and small teams, single and multi-site businesses helping lead big-impact leadership programs. His high energy workshops and presentations delight audiences while his invigorating methods help unshackle powerful ideas and foster lasting organisational change. Shannon is currently studying a Masters Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Swinburne and has an Advanced Diploma of Management and Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management from the Pragmatic Institute plus a Diploma of Business from Monash University.

The program in Sydney is co-facilitated by leadership specialists Kerry Irwin and Matthew Byrne. A highly credentialed HR professional and experienced HR executive generalist, Kerry brings a depth of corporate experience to the program. She has been the Vice President and Director of Human Resources at a number of Multinational organisations such as Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Thales Australia and United Group. As well as this program, Kerry is currently engaged by Boral Australia as part of the Organisational Development team, developing and delivering best practice Leadership Programs to support their staff. She also provides executive coaching to groups and individuals to grow their leadership capabilities. Kerry has a Master of Arts in Human Resources and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources, both from Macquarie University.
Matthew Byrne is currently the Adjunct Faculty Member and Program Director of the General Managers Program at AGSM which is the part of UNSW Business School in Sydney. He joined the faculty in Executive Education, to work in programs to deliver experiential behaviour change. Matthew has worked with executives in aligning personal strategy to corporate strategy and developing leadership styles and strategies that enable executives to identify and leverage value through thought leadership. Matthew has a Graduate Certificate in Psychology and an MBA in Strategy from the University of Technology Sydney.

Rupert has extensive experience in the facilitation, design and delivery of leadership development programs for both individuals and organisations. He is able to build organisational capability and performance through alignment, retention, development and cultural change programs. With 15 years’ experience in Leadership Development and HR Consulting roles, Rupert has more recently specialised in career development and coaching. Highly result oriented and solution focused, he has helped many employers fulfill their employment brand promise to new and existing employees to achieve greater engagement and performance in the workplace. Enabling new leaders and high potential employees to develop strategic thinking skills is his forte. As a Psychologist, Rupert has significant practical experience to help client’s overcome stumbling blocks and self-limiting behaviours in the workplace. He is able to draw on research validated psychological tools such as solution focused coaching to build thinking skills and wisdom in his clients.

IML ANZ’s Accelerate program can be tailored to your company needs and run in-house (12 people minimum). For more information, please email


Lead from the middle with confidence.

Express your interest now for our upcoming Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra cohorts beginning in August and September 2019. IML ANZ’s Accelerate program can also be tailored to your company needs and run in-house at any time (12 people minimum).