Recorded webinar: 3 main reasons why your employees leave


Fighting an employee turnover problem can often be like trying to win in an uphill battle; it drains your business of its resources, puts strain on management and affects customers’ trust and experience of your brand, ultimately costing the business far more than just the price of replacing the resigning employees. Spotting the problem within your organisation is challenging, and often by the time you receive notices from employees, it is already too late to stop the damaging momentum of waves of staff resignations.

In a fast-paced, increasingly-flexible and digitally-connected era defined by the gig-economy, managers and leaders need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure talent aren’t leaving them for “greener pastures”.

Join staff retention experts Sam Bell and Charles Go as they share innovative strategies to ensure staff are satisfied, engaged and loyal to you and your organisation.


In this webinar:

  • Discover the top 3 factors that drive resignations
  • Learn strategies to keep your talent from going to your competitor
  • Benchmark your staff turnover rate to the national average for 2019
  • Find out how role inclusion, diversity, culture, mental health and well-being impacts staff retention
  • Develop a retention plan to curb your potential employee turnover

Exclusive webinar offer

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P: 1300 661 061

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